Dive represents timeless class and quality that transcends generations.


Welcome to Dive.


Now you are stepping into a new world of fashion.  A revolution of fashion. Here at Dive everything we do we keep our health, environment and creativity in mind. It is a place of complete surrender and care for each other. Fell free to take part in our mission to revolutionise the way we shop and see fashion. 


Dive was established in 2020 by two sisters Maggie and Dora. With a vision to make fashion cruelty-free, organic and clean they started a journey of building a brand.

Maggie, Co-Founder of Dive

 I want women everywhere to feel the power of fashion. That is why we started Dive, to allow women to feel like they can change the wold, while not sacrificing their style.


We believe a personal style is a first step towards building your true self, and what better way to do it than while caring for our environment. On this journey we need your help. We need you to shop consciously and with purpose. Reward yourself with designs that speak about your beliefs. 


Dora, Co-Founder of Dive

   Dive helped me shape my visions and dreams, it showed me that anything is possible when women come together to protect what they believe in. 



With love,

Dive team