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"You can change the world, without having to sacrifice your style."



It should be emphasized that Dive continues to produce as needed, which means that we do not produce in advance and do not create unnecessary waste, as is, unfortunately, the practice with fast fashion brands. When launching new pieces, we have materials, design and a sewing machine, everything else is created only after the order is received.





I am in love with this dress!! The quality is insane, soft and I wash it by hand just to preserve its texture and softness. The silk is so shiny and elegant in person. Thank you Dive!!!


Ako ne znate gdje kupiti lijepu haljinu, pronašli ste pravo mjesto. Udobna, mekana i ide na sve. Preporučam cure, ja bi ovu haljinu u svim bojama.


I have never owned a pair of sweatpants that were so comfortable and elegant at the same time. I swear I wear them to work...


I just wanted to thank you for all your help with sizing, I am not the same in top and bottoms. Did not expect you to answer me at all but to help so much, really shows you care.