Trends (sweats) we should take with us into 2022.

During lockdown and work from home, it becomes less important to always look unrealistically put together. The pressure of unrealistic expectations took a second place and other things like comfort and convenience become our priority. Therefore, good old sweatsuits made their comeback and took the fahsion world by storm.

A grey organic cotton sweats

It looks like the sweats are here to stay. Many fashion brands enriched their offer with inovative designes of sweatsuits. They were introduced and widely accepted outside of the comfort of our homes. Paired with coats, heels, jewelry and designer bags we saw sweatsuits in a revolutionary light.

More importanty, organic fabrics and sustainable business were in a way also a trend put forward by pandemic years. The importants of sustainability and taking care of our environment become essential when choosing fashion today. More and more brands have seen how their way of business is as important as what they have to offer on the runway. Consumers will no longer tolerate neglect and cheep way of business. Customers came to understand that what we wear is what we believe in. 

A white organic cotton sweats

Sweats are here to stay.

However, here in the house of Dive, our designers decided to take the jersey fabrics and turn them into something even more special. Combining them with silk and loosely cut design they have created a MUST HAVE pieces for this winter.  

A grey organic cotton jersey dress
A grey organic cotton jersey dress

Available in white and grey it is a designe addition to previously presented sets of sweats. In this timeless design a delicate silk details follow the curve lines and create a divine silhouette. 

A lot has been done to incorporate comfort and style and we think here at Dive we did just that. We kept our believes and made all of these designes from 100% organic cotton. Not one Dive standard was compromised and we could not be more proud. As times change we must change with them, however a core values should always be closely kept safe. 

There you have it. A trend we should take with us into every new year to come is a good pair of sweats. Clean, organic and beautiful.

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