Recycling is our future - Dive designs

Our mission was always to create beautiful designs while having sustainability in mind. As you already know, all fabrics used in Dive production are sourced from sustainable backgrounds. They all have an organic certificate which insures no chemicals were used in the process of obtaining fabrics.

We have to make sure, as our business is growing, its sustainability grows with it. Recycling our own waste was a natural course of action. We now use all our leftover fabrics to make clothing labels. Why use commercial clothing labels, that mostly contain plastic and synthetic, when we can make our own, organic and natural labels. 

Recycled fabrics from our production.

Not only are they functional and kind to our environment, but recycled labels are also gorges!

Every time we make a dress, a skirt or a t-shirt, due to the tailoring, there is a certain amount of fabric wasted - a cutoff. Instead of throwing those scraps away, we found them a new use. Now they carry the name Dive and embellish every one of our designs. We are pretty proud of this new sustainable addition to our brand. Thanks to all our customers and supporters, we can grow our brand and sustainable influence even further.

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