How toxins from your clothes affect your health...


There are many ways to live a healthy life. Organic foods made their way into our lives and we think twice about what is inside our food. Exercise is always hovering somewhere near us as a reminder of how movement is important for our health. Body lotions, face creams, tonics, masks and scrubs are a part of our everyday skincare. We know how important a good face cream is and how drinking a lot of water is crucial for a healthy complexion. 

But what about our clothes? We have been so caucus about everything else we forgot to think about what's inside of our clothes. The fast fashion industry giants don't want you to think about that or to even know much about it at all.



Poisonous cotton

Conventional cotton accounts for 25% of the insecticides used worldwide. Even the smallest dose of pesticide exposure has been linked to brain, fetal damage, and sterility in humans. Some of these chemicals include silicone waxes, petroleum scours, softeners, heavy metals, flame retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde. Body heat and sweating accelerate the absorption of these residues into your skin.

This information sounds horrifying, but it is not all that dark. We have a choice. What we buy and where we invest our money will ultimately determine the future of cotton production and manufacturing. We can be the end of this!


Organic cotton is grown with no use of pesticides or synthetic fertilises. The water used in its production is not contaminated and it can be realised back into nature. Therefore no harm to the environment and no harm to humans. All those who work in cotton production are the ones most affected. Not anymore. The future of their health and the health of consumers is promising.



These are all the reasons why we started our brand. We wanted to offer an alternative. Show our customers that there is more to fashion than what they were shown so far. Together we protect each other. Small acts from all of us will make a big difference. Welcome organic cotton into your life!


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