Welcome to our new and improved web shop design.

When thinking about our brand image we wanted to create a feeling of comfort, trust and unity. Our brand stands for giving back and creating fashion in a way that will not hurt our environment or our health. It was very important to us to create a business that our customers can trust and feel like they are making a difference by engaging with our content and our products. In the last year we made sure every aspect of our business is as transparent as possible.

With keeping our production centred in our local community we proved that fashion can be personal and giving. It doesn't have to be destructive towards our environment and it is possible to minimise waste. With intention and care fashion can be a beautiful way to express our style, believes and goals. Dive stands for and creates fashion that will change how we see fashion. With so many fast fashion brands around us it is sometimes impossible to see beyond all that consumerism. We are here to tell you it is possible. And we will spend every day guiding you towards cleaner and more sustainable future in fashion. 

With this in mind we have decided to freshen up our brand design. So that every image and every interaction with our beautiful Dive women is as authentic as possible. Thank you for being our inspiration. We would love to hear what you thing of our new web shop so please leave a comment and let's connect even more.

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