We are pleased to present to you a new addition to Dive store, Bluebell Shorts. Made from 100% organic muslin they are perfect fashion choice for this summer. Soft, light and nurturing to your skin and nature, that sounds like heaven to us. 



We see how much you all love our MAXI summer skirt in a bristol blue colour, and we wanted to offer you an alternative to that. Same fabric, same colour but a different design. We like to listen to you, as a result of that we present to you your perfect summer shorts.


They pair perfectly with our pink blouse (as seen in the pictures above). Or you can style it with a simple t-shirt, your choice. Whatever option you go for, we promise you it will be the right one. When a piece of clothing is so beautiful and simple, it elevates every outfit.


Working on this design came very naturally to us. We like to play with materials and muslin is the best for that. There is not much you can't do with it. 

As usually, our sizes range from XS to XL. 



If however, you cannot find your size in this chart, don't worry. As we produce every piece of our design especially for an order, just send us an email at

and we will make sure Dive fits you!


That is all from us for now. We would like to thank you all for your support. It means a lot when our work and its importance is recognised and appreciated. 

Take care of yourself.


With love,

Maggie and Dora <3


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