How to give extra love to your Dive garments


Use a gentle and natural laundry product.
If you are using a washing machine don’t go over 30° C or 86° F

 *lower temperatures are safer for preserving the quality of the material and its  softness, also it is much more conscious towards the environment


Hang them to dry naturally, try to hang them flat on a surface to prevent stretching of the fabric and deformation of the material.

*try to avoid the dryer



When ironing, turn the garment inside out. That way you will preserve the colour and the texture of the garment.


Store them someplace dry and inclosed, away from the direct sunlight.

*natural fabrics tend to attract moths, place some natural lavender in your storage place to keep them away from nibbling on your favourite garment


Hopefully, these tips help you preserve and love your clothes for years to come. In case of any damage, opt for a repair before tossing them away.