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About us


Welcome to Dive organic webshop. We are delighted that you are here.
We want to tell you more about Dive and who we are, so you can get a better understanding of our story and our mission.
The picture above shows two sisters, daughters, girls, women, business partners and believers in positive change. Our names are Maggie and Dora.

From a young age, we have created a deep relationship with clothes, fabrics, patterns, sewing machines and established what fashion meant
for us. Fashion is personal, emotional, deep, meaningful and fulfilling. We always felt that what we wear was a mirror of who we are.

In our pursuit to find clothes that will match with our believes and lifestyle, we realised there are not many ecological, sustainable and versatile choices in the fashion industry. For years fast fashion has been leading the convoy of influence, creating trends with the pursuit of money and overproduction. That leads to endangering our planet and life on it.

Seeing how we reuse and repurpose our mother’s clothes made us realise that trends do not exist after all. Quality and timeless pieces will live forever, representing the individual’s believes and character. That is what Dive is about.
Our mission is to sustain a brand that will empower generations to come. And we cannot do that alone. We know there are many believers and fighters that are willing to change their habits to change our global future.

We started from choosing our fabrics. We spend hours and hours searching for organic, GOTS certified materials. Sometimes it would take us weeks to find what we were looking for, but we were determined to ensure quality and no harm to our environment or our health.

Then came the design. Every piece that we have to offer is not a part of a collection, it stands for itself. We want to create pieces that are versatile and adaptable to whatever you already have in your closet. Investing in organic, sustainable clothing does not mean throwing away everything that you already own.

It is very important to us that we support our local businesses and craftsmanship. All of our pieces are handmade and thoughtfully designed. We are very mindful in our production to make sure we do not overproduce and create waste.

We invite you to join our family. It is a small family but a family with big dreams, hard work ethics and never-ending positivity.

With love,

Maggie and Dora