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5 gift ideas for this Christmas

Picking up presents for our friends and family is never an easy job. So many choices, styles and personalities, it is hard to keep track. You want to give them something special, but inspiration is hard to come by. Don't worry, we are here to help. We have created a list of 5 presents ideas that you can order today. The best part is, they are all from sustainable businesses. Made from natural materials, nurturing towards our nature and you.


Who doesn't need a good skincare product in their collection? Make it 100% natural and it's a winner. We have selected this Nalen regenerating face serum for our list this Christmas. It is made from 100% Organic Rosa Canina Seed Oil.

Organic skin care product.

Rosa Canina or Rosehip oil is extracted from rosebush seeds. It is packed with vitamin C and A. With anti-ageing and brightening properties, Rosehip oil restores elasticity in your skin leaving it shiny and rejuvenated. Just take a few drops on your fingers and gently massage it into your clean skin. Feel free to use it all over your body and hair as it is safe and completely natural. We know a few friends who would love this gift.

Nalen Ayurveda is a sustainable, female-run business, that believes in simplicity and natural skincare products.


Yes, you've read that right. A chamomile pillow could be a great relaxation gift for all your stressed-out friends (or maybe you just keep it for yourself).

Pillow filled with aromatic chamomile.

The organic cotton and chamomile pillow is a natural way to release stress and anxiety. The material of this pillowcase is 100% organic with a GOTS certificate, guaranteeing care for the environment and you. The chamomile extract released during sleep is calming for your mind and body. We have never seen anything like this but we love it, and so will our friends.

Cuscini BIO is a family-run company with over 40 years of experience in the Italian craftsmanship of bedding.


These beautiful PETA approved boots are made from recycled plastic and biodegradable materials. With natural cotton lining, they are perfect sustainable footwear for this winter.

A white boot, made from recycled plastic and biodegradable materials.

Shoes are always a great gift idea, especially if they are as special as these are. Single-use plastic, chemicals and toxic materials are a thing of the past. And we couldn't be happier. It is time to join this trend of sustainable footwear and make it a classic. Plus, these beauties will come to you already packed up in eco-friendly packaging ready to find their place under your Christmas tree.

PRIVATO is a vegan and sustainable Italian brand. All their products are produced in Italy under European working laws, protecting all factory workers.


Incredibly moisturizing, vegan soap, rich with butter and oils it's a must for these cold months ahead of us. You will never hear the end of how amazing this soap is from all that visit your bathroom.

A bag with a vegan fragrance-free soap

We all know how dry and sensitive skin gets during cold winter days. No sun, itchy sweaters and dryness of the air leaves a mark on our skin. It is time to give it what it needs. Vegan fragrance-free hand and body soap. In their dashing cotton pouches, they almost look like tree ornaments. Maybe we should all re-decorate this Christmas with some vegan and naturally scented soaps.

Nooda activly supports sustainability, a slow lifestyle and a zero waste policy.


What would feel better than being wrapped up head to toe in a soft, organic dress this Christmas season? Show up to the family dinner looking fresh and clean, like a little snowflake.

A white organic cotton dress

For our Christmas whish list, we have chosen this unique, 100% organic, soft cotton padded maxi dress. Silk details give this dress an extra special touch, making it the winner this season. It is a piece of clothing your friends will cherish for many years to come. Timeless, unique and 100% natural, sounds like a perfect gift to us.

Dive is a proud sustainable business, with female leadership and timeless designs. Browse around for more style ideas.

There you go, 5 gift ideas to shop this Christmas. Hope you liked our list. If you want to make your own we have a perfect place for you, WHATaECO webshop. It has everything you could ever ask for and more. All the best sustainable, organic and natural brands are gathered on this platform. Plus it is a great place to learn about sustainability and how fashion is changing the world.

Have fun gifting your loved ones and invest in products that make a change and show just how much you care.

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