The star of our new collection is the basic t-shirt which is a key piece of every wardrobe. It comes in two colors, white and light sky blue. The signature Dive silk pocket gives this sporty shirt an elegant look. With that, we once again accomplished our desire to merge a layer back and a business look. We gave our midi green skirt a summer design and the perfect skirt for the upcoming hot days was created. The MAXI folding skirt fits perfectly to any body type and is wearable even in this transitional period.

For the first time, our offer also includes hair accessories. Handmade scrunchies and headbands. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time, how to blend organic materials and their benefits into our hair care. Scrunchies made out of organic and soft muslin materials nourish the hair, they don't release toxic chemicals and artificial dyes. And because of their softness, the hair does not break and get tangled.




As for our previous pieces, the materials are 100% organic with GOTS certification. This way we can guarantee that the whole process of material formation is natural, without harmful chemicals and artificial dyes. In addition, it is important to emphasize that the GOTS certificate ensures that the labor rights of workers and all those involved in the process of creating materials are at a high level. All our production takes place in Croatia. It is very important for us to cooperate with professionals in our environment. With domestic production, we have more influence on the whole process of creating Dive pieces, from the design, the cuts, the first samples and the final product.

It should be emphasized that Dive continues to produce as needed, which means that we do not produce in advance and do not create unnecessary waste and surplus goods, as is, unfortunately, the practice with fast fashion brands. When launching new pieces, we have materials, design and a sewing machine, everything else is created only after the order is received.




Our main motivation is to create everyday clothes and show people, and ourselves that it is possible to fit organic and slow fashion into our everyday life. We want to create goods that are affordable and adaptable to a wide range of styles.

This collection is for all those who recognize the importance of organic fashion and want to participate in the change that we and the world desperately need. By purchasing Dive pieces, we are stepping together into the future of slow fashion and preserving the environment and our health. We hope that many will enjoy our simple and inspiring pieces.



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