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We see how much you all love our MAXI summer skirt in a bristol blue colour, and we wanted to offer you an alternative to that. Same fabric, same colour but a different design. We like to listen to you, as a result of that we present to you your perfect summer shorts.

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La Kuta

La Kuta represents tradition with a modern twist.     For centuries our grandmothers wore Kuta as an everyday uniform. They wore it in the kitchen while making bread for their families. They wore it in the fields while tending to the crops. They wore it for special occasions, going to the market, raising their children, while working in the factories. All our memories of Balkan grandmothers include the unforgettable Kuta.   Today we present to you the modern form of legendary Kuta. This version represents a modern woman, an independent woman that carries a piece of tradition with her where ever she goes.   We present to you, La Kuta.              

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This collection is for all those who recognize the importance of organic fashion and want to participate in the change that we and the world desperately need. By purchasing Dive pieces, we are stepping together into the future of slow fashion and preserving the environment and our health. We hope that many will enjoy our simple and inspiring pieces.

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How toxins from your clothes affect your health...

There are many ways to live a healthy life. Organic foods made their way into our lives and we think twice about what is inside our food. Exercise is always hovering somewhere near us as a reminder of how movement is important for our health. Body lotions, face creams, tonics, masks and scrubs are a part of our everyday skincare. We know how important a good face cream is and how drinking a lot of water is crucial for a healthy complexion. 

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